Effortlessly attract new business and manage existing cases

We know property transactions can be frustrating, and we’re here to sort it

When You Move was created after our founders set up a property law firm and experienced first hand the frustrations involved in buying, selling and remortgaging property.


They believe that with the right technology everyone can profit from working better, together.

How it works

New revenue stream

By adding the QuickQuote tool to your site customers can get a quote for their transaction and instruct you directly, 24/7

Track progress

All parties update and track the progress of the case through the innovative When You Move platform, for a chase-free conveyancing service

Less effort, more results

Our platform integrates with a number of case management systems to ensure that you can update everyone involved in the case with minimal effort

Client friendly app

Our client friendly app keeps the client in the loop at all times with live notifications and status updates so they’re never in the dark

Generate business effortlessly with QuickQuote

Our bespoke quote generator has a range of implementation methods, and will allow you to meet the price publication obligations that arrive in December 2018.


Not only does this help you provide your customers with price transparency, it will also help you generate endless business with minimal effort.


But don’t just take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:


“When You Move’s new Quote Widget has allowed us to deliver our aim of offering price transparency to clients right from their very first visit to our website. Since implementing the widget technology on our site, we have seen a significant upturn of ready-made sales leads delivered straight into our CRM.


“With obligatory price publication fast approaching, our adoption of the When You Move technology has allowed us to get ahead of the game whilst also bringing pipeline growth to our business.”

QuickQuote Demo

The transaction is a

Communicate case updates without leaving your CMS

Our platform integrates with case management systems to ensure that you can update everyone involved in the case with minimal effort.

Contact us today to find out if we are integrated with yours.


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